Effective ways to share Jesus at Christmas with your Grade School Kids

Written by on November 1, 2020

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Parents if you have a student between 6-10 years old, then you are facing the challenge of keeping your kids focused on Jesus’ birth this Christmas season.  Whether you have a busy schedule or not, the amount of sugar alone can make this feel impossible.  However, I am here to tell you that keeping the focus on Jesus is doable hard!

Be your Kid’s Spiritual Hero:

Did you know?  You are your kid’s Spiritual Hero!  You are already on a good path when, you take that idea on!  Every good hero knows their super powers and they have a plan to use those powers to the best of their ability.  Your Christmas Super Hero power is Intentional Living with your focus being on Jesus.  Now build your plan, I have given you some suggestions below.  Remember, developmentally, your kiddo is starting to expand their independence as they learn in all situations.  In all that you do, help them use that independence as a way to build confidence and take their next step of faith.

Take a step:

Since, Barna Group research says, “A child’s spiritual foundation is solidified by the age 13 and they are most likely to accept Jesus as their Savior between 9-13 years old.”   As a result, your are in the perfect position to use Christmas as a time to show Jesus’ love to your kiddos and let them know that following him in a personal relationship with Jesus is one of the most important decisions they will ever make.  Use the list below, think about how your kiddos would benefit most, DO those steps, and repeat as many time as possible during this season! Rise, Pray, Love!

The Plan:

  1. Read the story of His birth
    • An age appropriate Bible
    • Challenge them by reading the story of Jesus’ birth from all 4 gospels
  2. Encourage them to learn through play
    • Dress up and role play
    • Use the family nativity set to tell the story
  3. Engage them with activities
    • Word Search/ Crossword Puzzles
    • Craft that tells the story
  4. Review the facts in fun ways
    • Prepare dinner questions about what you have read
    • Have them “read” the book to you or a sibling
  5. Share your experience with others
    • Call Grandparents and talk about what you have done so they can compliment your kiddo on a Good Job
    • Post a picture on social media of you guys having family time talking about Jesus

Don’t forget to rise, pray, love as you are showing your kiddos your love for Jesus!  No pressure, just fun as you fall more in love with our Savior!

(ages birth to 6 years)

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