Top 5 ways to share Jesus at Christmas with your Little Ones

Written by on November 17, 2020

Small kid holding a Christmas Box

Christmas tends to be even busier and more stressful than the rest of the year!  Therefore, we all need tools to make this season easier.  Below I have listed 5 ways to build a plan, for instance using a nativity to tell the story.  You do not have to be the perfect parent!  Just take an intentional step each day to show the love of Jesus more!

Next Step:

Remember, developmentally kids are at various levels of absorbing information and depending on how they learn will help you determine how you engage them.  Even though some days it doesn’t feel like it, Jesus specifically gave you these kiddos even with all of their funnies and flaws!  He has you in their lives to show them how to follow Jesus and sometimes, how not to do!  That’s the best part of taking a next step of faith!  Its a step of faith and you don’t have to take the step perfectly, just take the step!  Use the list below, think about how your kiddos would benefit most, DO those steps, and repeat as many time as possible during this season!

The Plan:
  1. Read the story of His birth from various books
    • An age appropriate Bible
    • Storybooks- like Humphrey’s First Christmas
  2. Encourage them to learn through play
    • Place a Nativity Scene on their level- show them who each one is
    • Hide Baby Jesus and then go find Him- say Jesus loves me when you find him
    • Make an animal noise and have them get or guess which one the noise is
  3. Engage them with activities
    • Coloring pages
    • Build Baby Jesus out of playdough
  4. Review the facts in fun ways
    • Bring “someone to dinner” (pick someone from the nativity scene) then give clues to see if they can guess who you brought
    • Have them “read” the book to you
  5. Share your experience with others
    • Call Grandparents and talk about what you have done so they can compliment your kiddo on a Good Job
    • Post a picture on social media of you guys having family time talking about Jesus

Don’t forget to rise, pray, love as you are showing your kiddos your love for Jesus!  No pressure, just fun as you fall more in love with our Savior!

(ages birth to 6 years)

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